Hog In Black BBQ Spice Rub



Here it is! The recipe that started it all.
This recipe has gone through countless revisions since it was first crafted all those years ago in a kitchen in Brooklyn NY. That’s the great thing about Hog In Black we always see room for improvement, so you can be sure were always striving to bring you the most authentic spices and seasonings you can find on the market.
This is our Original Recipe BBQ Spice rub, a sweet and savory culmination of garlic, onion, chilies, and some secret ingredients that give this blend a floral and mouth watering nose. The best part is its low in salt!
Fire up the grill, smoker or oven, this is a versatile spice blend. Rub up a pork shoulder and slow roast it in the oven for some authentic southern pulled pork sandwiches. Sprinkle on some brisket and smoke it for hours low and slow, to get one of the best Texas style BBQ’s you can find right in your own back yard. Our founder has even used it to make his own sauces and marinades.
This is not just a mixture of some spices bottled and sold to make a quick buck. This is a lazy Sunday afternoon, sitting in a hammock, sipping on sweat tea and listening to birds chirp. It’s driving down to the lake with your friends for a day of fun in the sun. Driving to the stadium even though you don’t have tickets for the big game, to tailgate, cheer for the home team, have a few cold ones and eat some darn good BBQ. Our blends are not simply spices brought to you in plastic jars with shaker lids, they are the essence of a life experience brought to you through food.

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